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7 Tips to Maintance GiantLin Block Making Machine

Linyi GiantLin Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures models of concrete block machine and clay interlocking brick machine. the following are 7 tips to maintace giantlin block making machine

1. Check whether the screws loose or not. If yes, workers must fasten them in time

2. Everyday refill lubrication oil into moving part

3. Must clear the waste material on the Jinda brick machine to ensure brick making machine and cement mixer is clean.

4. Must clean the feeding system so that the jinda block machine can work in next day

5. Must clean the Mixer everyday to ensure mixer work in good situation in next day.

6. Must check whether hydraulic oil is enough in every week. If is less, please refill.

7. Must check electric line loose or not. If yes, must connect them well

Linyi GiantLin Machinery Co., Ltd produce models of concrete block making machine for hollow block, solid brick, hourdis, grass block, colored pavers, curbstone, interlocking brick and so on. 


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