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M7MI Soil Cement Interlocking Hydraform Block Making Machine

M7MI Soil Cement Interlocking Hydraform Block Making Machine

m7mi hydraform block making machine

1. Advantages:

A: One Blockin One Time, 2400 Blocks per 8 Hours

B: Diesel Powered Engine ( Electric Option Available)

C: Mobile Block Machine with Road Tyres and Tow Hitch

D: Hydraulic Press, Up to 21Mpa

E: Best Choice for Block Production in Remote Areas and Building Sites

hydraform interlocking block making machines

2. Parts List of M7MI soil cement interlocking hydraform block making machine

NO. Name of Parts Function
A Mold For 230*220*115mm Hydraform Block
B Material Hopper Storage Material for Mold
C Diesel Engine 6.75KW (Best Brand in China)
D Pan Mixer Mix Rawing Material
E Road Tyres Movement from one site to other
F Tow Hitch Connect with truck or Car
G Operation Handle Operate block machine

3. Videos List for Machine working and operation of M7MI soil cement interlocking hydraform block making machine

hydraform interlocking block making machine in kenya

4. Designs of blocks which are produced by M7MI soil cement interlocking hydraform block making machine

designs of hydraform block

5. Workers Number: 6 Workers in Total

Two workers for loading material into pan mixer

One worker for loading mixed material into material hopper

One Worker for loading material from hopper to mold

one worker for operating block machine

one Worker for for carry fresh block from mold

6. Material Ratio for Hydraform Block: 5%-10% cement and 90-95% soil

7. Raw Material Consumption in one day

Here we take 230*220*115 mm Hydraform Block as example and Recommend 8% cement

size of Block 230*220*115mm
Photo of Block 220mm hydraform block
Material Ratio 8% cement and 92% soil
Strength of Block 7-8Mpa
Capacity of Block 2400 Blocks in one Day
Consumption of Cement 2300 KG per Day
Consumption of Soil 26500 KG per Day
Consumption of Diesel Oil 16L Per Day

8. How to Cure Blocks

Fresh Blocks are stacked and covered with black plastic to avoid moisture loss. The blocks are then watered daily to creat a greenhouse effect, allowing the cement to harden and the blocks to strengthen. Cure your blocks for a minimum of 7 days and allow the blocks to dry to another 7 days before building. This will ensure strong good quality blocks.

9. High Machine Qualtiy is from Excellent Parts and Manufacturing Technology.

pump for hydraform block machine

Motor for hydraform brick & block machine

pan mixer for hydraform block making machine

trailer for hydraform block machines cost


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