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HIgh Stength Fiber (GMT) Block Pallet for Brick Machine

HIgh Stength Fiber Block Pallet for  Brick Machine

Fiber Pallet also called GMT Pallet. GMT means Glass Mat ReinForced Thermoplastics.

please click the bellow photo to watch the video of Fiber Pallet Manufacturing Process

Compare bamboo pallet and PVC pallet, it has Nine Advantages.

1. High Impact Resistant

Impact Strength of PVC Pallet is less than or equial to 15KJ/m2. Fiber Pallet is greater than or equal to 30KJ/M2, comparing the impack stength under the same conditions

Drop Hammer experiment in the same height shows that : When Fiber Pallet slightly cracked, PVC pallet has been breakdown by drop hammer.

Click above photo to watch Test Video

2. Good Rigidity

Fiber pallet elastic modulus 2.0-4.0GPa, PVC pallet elastic modulus 2.0-2.9GPa. The follow diagram:

Fiber Pallet beeding effect compared with the PVC pallet under the same stress condition.

3. Not Easily Deformed

The diagram below: PVC pallet is deformed and Warp. Fiber Pallet is smooth.

4. WaterProof

Water absorption rate <1%, comparison of Fiber pallet and Bamboo Pallet after Water soaking.

5. Wear-Resisting

Hardess of Fiber Pallet surface is 76D. 100 minutes vibration with material and pressure. Fiber pallet is not destructed and surface wear is about 0.5mm.

6. Light Weight

The weight of Fiber Pallet is about 1200KG/CBM.

7. Anti-HIgh and Low Temperature

Being used at minue 20 degree, fiber pallet will not defome or crack. But PVC pallet is easy to beak below 0 degree.

Fiber Pallet is able to withsand high temperature of 60-90 degree. it will not easily deform.

8. Corrosion Resistance

Resistant to most acid-base salt, no damage under strong acid

9. Long Service Life

Theoretically, it can be used more than 8 years.

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